* Open an input stream and read the header. The codecs are not opened.
* The stream must be closed with avformat_close_input().
* @param ps Pointer to user-supplied AVFormatContext (allocated by avformat_alloc_context).
* May be a pointer to NULL, in which case an AVFormatContext is allocated by this
* function and written into ps.
* Note that a user-supplied AVFormatContext will be freed on failure.
* @param filename Name of the stream to open.
* @param fmt If non-NULL, this parameter forces a specific input format.
* Otherwise the format is autodetected.
* @param options A dictionary filled with AVFormatContext and demuxer-private options.
* On return this parameter will be destroyed and replaced with a dict containing
* options that were not found. May be NULL.
* @return 0 on success, a negative AVERROR on failure.
* @note If you want to use custom IO, preallocate the format context and set its pb field.
int avformat_open_input(AVFormatContext **ps, const char *filename, AVInputFormat *fmt, AVDictionary **options);





该函数最典型的例子可以参考: 最简单的基于FFMPEG+SDL的视频播放器 ver2 (采取SDL2.0)

此前已粗略写了1篇关于avformat_open_input()的文章《 图解FFMPEG打开媒体的函数avformat_open_input》,还转载了1篇注释比较详细的文章《FFMPEG源码分析:avformat_open_input()(媒体打开函数)》。但是个人感觉这个函数确切太重要了,可以算作FFmpeg的“灵魂”,所以打算再写1篇文章分析1下它的结构。



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波比源码 » FFmpeg源代码简单分析:avformat_open_input()

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