scrapy [boto] ERROR: Caught exception reading instance data URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 10051


20150909 11:13:26 [boto] DEBUG: Retrieving credentials from metadata server. 20150909 11:13:27 [boto] ERROR: Caught exception reading instance data
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 210, in retry_url
r =, timeout=timeout)
File “”, line 431, in open response = self._open(req, data)
File “”, line 449, in _open _open, req)
File “”, line 409, in _call_chain result = func(*args)
File “”, line 1227, in http_open return self.do_open(httplib.HTTPConnection, req)
File “”, line 1197, in do_open
raise URLError(err)
URLError:20150909 11:13:27 [boto] ERROR: Unable to read instance data, giving up

在setting.py中禁用s3 download就能够了


That particular error message is being generated by boto (boto 2.38.0 py27_0), which is used to connect to Amazon S3. Scrapy doesn’t have this enabled by default.

EDIT: In reply to the comments, this appears to be a bug with Scrapy when boto is present (bug here).

In response “how to disable the Download handler”, add the following to your file:


Your file should be in the root of your Scrapy project folder, (one level deeper than your scrapy.cfg file).

If you’ve already got DOWNLOAD_HANDLERS in your file, just add a new entry for ‘s3’ with a None value.

EDIT 2: I’d highly recommend looking at setting up virtual environments for your projects. Look into virtualenv, and it’s usage. I’d make this recommendation regardless of packages used for this project, but doubly so with your extreme number of packages.

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